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MidAmerica Pastel Society

     The purpose of the Mid America Pastel Society (MAPS) is to bring together practicing pastel artists as a group to network, to educate and promote community interest and support for the medium of pastel in the visual arts, to support these pastel artists in their artistic development, exhibit work as a group and individually; to provide learning workshops for further development of artists using pastel and to make a contribution to the community through the development of student artists in the pastel medium.

     We invite you to join the Mid America Pastel Society in the adventure of creating with pastels. We have grown rapidly in our first year by offering a rich variety of services for our members from the Kansas City area and around the country. 

  • Five meetings a year with exceptional artists sharing inspiration and information
  • Round Table Discussions on Technical and Business Issues for the Pastel Artist
  • Group Painting-in-the-field
  • Open Gallery Shows for all members
  • Painting Workshops featuring nationally-renowned artists
  • Membership Roster, updated frequently
  • Member IAPS
  • Newsletter with the latest pertinent information

     For more info about MAPS please email: 

Visit our web site at:

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