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"Balloon Patterns"
24" X 48"
Original Oil on Canvas Gallery Wrap

Paintings by
Nancy Todd

    Nancy Todd Roberts has studied and painted for over thirty years, experimenting with oil and acrylic paints, finally settling with oil which lends itself more to her style and technique. She paints in the style of the Old Masters applying chiaroscuro and realism to her work. Chiaroscuro adds drama busing light and shadows to enhance the picture. Realism is don with a preciseness in drawing and perspective. Each painting requires more than on layer of paint allowing color from each layer to show through the next layer to add depth and realism. Because of the care taken in proper oil painting techniques, each painting has the potential of lasting through hundreds of years.

    The work of Nancy Todd Roberts has been exhibited in art shows in the Greater Kansas City area as well as in other cities around the United States. She is represented in Images Art Gallery 7320 West 80th Street, Overland Park, Kansas and Northland Exposure Art Gallery, 110Main Street, Parkville, Missouri . Her work hangs in well over 100 private collections throughout the United States and Canada.

    Recently, this artist has been doing some new and different subjects such as Hot Air Balloons, emphasizing patterns and enlarged Flower Blossoms on 24" X 24" canvas.

Nancy Todd Roberts accepts commissions for portraits, still lifes and landscapes as well as planning her own set-ups. Nancy teaches oil painting classes and private lessons in Overland Park, Kansas.

"Hot Air Balloons in Flight"
8" X 24"
Original Oil on Canvas Gallery Wrap

"Hot Air Balloon Rally"
30" X 40"
Original Oil on Canvas Gallery Wrap

"Heart of Gold"
24" X 24"
Original Oil on Canvas Gallery Wrap

"Pastel Petals"
24" X 24"
Original Oil on Canvas Gallery Wrap

"Rose of Dennis"
24" X 24"
Original Oil on Canvas Gallery Wrap

See More of Nancy's Paintings at her Personal Web Site

Consider joining my Oil Painting Class
Beginning September 6th, 2011
Located at Images Art Gallery
7320 West 80th Street
Overland Park, Kansas

To purchase one of Nancy's paintings or for more information please contact:

Nancy Todd Roberts

(913) 648-0364



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