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Paintings by 
Barbara Warrington O'Leary

     Barbara Warrington O’Leary grew up in western Iowa and attended classes at Omaha University and Upper Iowa University. After a year in New York City, She moved to Kansas City and worked at Hallmark Cards, attended U.M.K.C., took painting classes with Mari Pritchard and Philomene Bennett, married Richard, worked at Pat O’Leary Associates, raised a daughter, and opened a studio.

    O’Leary works both indoors and out, enjoying our park systems for hiking and painting. Her work focuses on wilderness areas and cultivated ones, remaining close to the natural world. While she does not paint a message, she does believe that we are stewards of the land. “My attitudes toward the land, its use and care, the quiet and beauty of the seasons, the finding of hidden corners of wildness and loveliness, are probably due to spending my early years on my grandparents’ Iowa farm, and in nearby parks wherever else I lived.

    O’Leary has had solo exhibitions and has participated in group shows in various galleries and art fairs in the area for many years. She has paintings in private collections in the Kansas City and Omaha areas, and her New York representative has placed her paintings around the country.

"Facing the Next Hill"
24" X 30" Acrylic on Canvas

"Backlit Sycamores"
24" X 30"  Acrylic on Canvas

"Rock Wall"
20" X 24"  Oil on Canvas
$500.00 with Frame

"Afternoon in the Park"
20" X 24"  Oil on Canvas
$500.00 with Frame

"Wild Sunflower Field"
9" X 12"  Oil on Canvas
$250.00 with Frame

"Mill Creek Valley"
8" X 10"  Acrylic on Board
$200.00 with Frame

To purchase one of Barbara's Paintings or for Information, Contact:

Barbara Warrington O'Leary


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