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Here are some photos from the Art at the Center Show,
Featuring all the artists.
We are all very happy to be showing at the
Tomahawk Ridge Community Center.
The show runs through March 28, 2011.
Please stop in and see all our paintings if you get a chance!

Barbara O'Leary with one of her larger landscape paintings.

Claudia True with her husband Mike.
We were all admiring Claudia's paintings.

Carol McCall brought in some nice landscape paintings
including this freshly painted canvas.

Elaine Lierly Jones with husband Patrick.
Elaine was showing off one of her lovely pastel paintings.

James and JoAnne Christensen were very happy to be at the reception.

Margaret Chaney with one of her beautiful prints.

Mary Young is showing some of her wonderful paintings.

Robin Richerson's sculptures are absolutely quality art.

Susan Minteer came by to congratulate Robin Richerson and
Kathleen Anderson on the wonderful show.

Bill just couldn't stop eating those delicious Valentine's Day Cookies!
Julia Bilyea was a wonderful host/coordinator for the show.
Thank you Julia.
It was really a fun evening. Please stop by the Tomahawk Ridge Community Center
to view the complete show.
It is located on the SW corner of 119th and Lowell in Overland Park, Kansas.

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