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Paintings by
Mary Young


  "My selections for paintings are based on the spirit that the scene generates within me", reveals Mary. "Creativity is a large part of my journey in life. It was during my search to find the missing pieces in my life that I learned how important my artistic expression is to me".
    Born and raised in Independence, Missouri, a town she still calls home, Mary has always expressed her emotion and desire to share with others through her art, that which is personal to her. Over the past several years she has been studying the techniques, visual analysis and fine art of oil painting with Mark Christopher Weber, and incredibly gifted and well respected artist in Kansas City, Missouri.
    "My focus is on bringing into my painting that which touched the deepest side of me, balancing light and shadow, to present a story for others to get lost in."

Mary A. Young


"Copper Kettle"
12" X 14"  Oil on Linen

"Mountain's Majesty"
6" X 12 Oil on Panel

"Ponderings of the Heart"
18" X 14"  Oil on Canvas 

14" X 18"  Oil on Canvas

10" X 12"  Oil on Canvas

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Mary Young


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