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Paintings by

Bill McCall

Here are some plein air paintings I have never
had on the artKC web site.
They are all plein air paintings.
I left a large non-objective painting for last!
It is the painting that was exhibited in the
Kansas Master's Invitational.
Enjoy. Let me know what you think!
There are more to come.

"August Sunshine"
16" X 20"  Oil on Canvas

"Sunset Red"
20" X 16"  Oil on Canvas

"Late September at Meadowmere"
24" X 30"   Oil on Canvas

They are really organic, thick oil paintings!

"Majestic September Cottonwood"
30" X 30"  Oil on Canvas

"April Colors (Easter Day)"
24" X 36"  Oil on Canvas

"Full Glory"
24" X 30"  Oil on Canvas

20" X 16"  Oil on  Canvas

"Sunset Blue"
16" X 20"  Oil on Canvas

Thanks for looking.

"The most beautiful thing is the Mysterious"
Albert Einstein

"Amo Tu"
36" X 53"  Oil on Canvas

    "These paintings are for your spirit. Your consciousness may not understand them, but your spirit will. They are contemplative. They tell about what the eye can not see. The space is inner. They are ultimately creative.  The journey is all-important."

    Albert Einstein said "If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?".  I consider my paintings pure visual research.

To contact Bill directly, please email:

Bill McCall



Gallery Representation:

The Strecker Nelson West Gallery

406 1/2 Poyntz Avenue
Manhattan, Kansas 66502

FAX: 785-539-2139


BrandonJacobs Gallery

2015 Grand Blvd.
Kansas City, Missouri 64108

Phone: 816.249.2525


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